Our Coffee

At Beck and Call Coffee we have an eye for quality and select coffee that meets the strict standards of “specialty grade”. 

Not all coffee is created equal. Like any raw product it varies greatly in quality depending on variety, seasonal growing conditions and farming practices such as harvesting and processing.

Specialty grade coffee is virtually defect free and really performs in the cup. Due to its superior quality it is traded outside the traditional commodity market, ensuring farmers receive a premium price.

Red Letter is our house blend, comprised of fresh crop coffee and it evolves with the growing seasons. It is balanced and rich with notes of dark chocolate, toffee and cherry.

Single origin coffee is also readily available and we roast these to suit your chosen brew method, whether that is espresso, filter or cold extractions.

Contact us to talk through the range of coffee we currently have on hand.

You can enjoy a cup of Beck and Call Coffee at the following quality outlets:

Six Degrees, Albany
Teede & Co. , Albany
Liberte, Albany
Great Southern Distilling Company, Albany
Rochelle’s Coffee at Albany Farmer’s Market
Albany Free Range Chef, Albany
Plantagenet Wines, Mt. Barker
Drip Lock, Albany, Old Auction Room
Yongergnow Malleefowl Centre Cafe, Ongerup
Gnornbup Wines, Bremer Bay
Mr. Sippy, Great Southern – Vintage Caravan Bar
Happy Little Caravan, Newdegate
Mavis & Me, Walpole

And pick up a bag of coffee for home at:

Black Duck Gourmet Pantry, Albany
Reeves on Campbell, Albany
Nourish Organic Cafe, Albany
Wholly Local, Denmark
Perth Coffee Exchange (online)