Farmers in Costa Rica with their own coffee, roasted in Australia

02 Jul Connected with Costa Rica

The specialty coffee industry provides great opportunities for growers, green coffee buyers and roasters to build productive relationships. This stems from the fact that specialty coffee is directly traded with farmers for its superior quality, rather than being sold on the commodity market as a generic grade coffee.

It is the most ethical and sustainable model to ensure that farmers are rewarded for growing a high quality product with prices that exceed Fair trade prices on the commodity market. The 100% transparent supply chain also means that specialty coffee can be traced right back to farm level.

Through our coffee buyer, we and other Australian roasters had the unique opportunity to send roasted coffee from Albany all the way back to the farmers in Costa Rica who grew it. Our coffee was a honey process lot grown by the Aquilera brothers on their farm called Finca Tono. It was one of our favourites of the 2016 season and we were delighted to give the Aquilera brothers the opportunity to taste the fruits of their labour since many farmers rarely get the chance to do so.

All of the coffee that we source and roast meets the quality criteria of specialty grade which means we can share information and the story behind each coffee with you. Contact us if you would like more information on the coffee that we currently have in stock.